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Bath Salts

16 oz Orange Lovers Delight
If you love the smell of Mandarin Oranges and Tangerine, this bath salt was made for you. Orange has a calming and uplifting effect.

16 oz Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts
Bath salts made with lavender and other essential oils. Lavender is used for tension headaches, nervous exhaustion and depression.

16 oz Invigorating Bath Salt
I use juniper berry and geranium essential oils to stimulate your bath.

16 oz Vanilla Splash Powder
I use 3 different types of essential oils plus baking soda and Vanilla. Rosemary is used to soothe aching limbs and joints.

16 oz Springtime Bath Powder
Do you like the refreshing cool smell in the spring? Create the same feeling everytime you take a bath. I use mint, Juniper Berry and other essentail oils.

8 oz Bath Salt Sampler
A collection of the four most popular bath salts offered at Mountian Scents. You will receive 2 ounces of each bath salt (Relaxing Lavender, Vanilla Splash, Invigorating and Springtime).

Gel Candle

8 oz Gel Candle that is perfect for a small to medium size room. The candle is highly scented and has a long burn time(10 to 15 hours).
Cookie Jar
Apple Pie
Berry Delight

8 oz Electric Gel Candle
A highly scented 8-oz Crock-Pot filled with long burning gel(50+ hours). Perfect for people who don't like to burn candles in the house. Safer then candles because there is no flame.
Cookie Jar
Apple Pie
Berry Delight
French Vanilla
Candy Cane
more coming soon

Halloween Gel Candles

42 oz Pumpkin Face Gel Candle is perfect for your Halloween party. This long burning candle is cute and is scented with a touch of Vanilla. Order today because quantities are limited.

Misc Products

8 oz Lice Prevention Shampoo
I use a mixture of essential oils proven to safe guard your kids. If you have kids in school they have a chance of picking up these unwanted pests. Protect you and your kids now.

Click here for more information and tips on Lice

Gift Card and Bag
Send a gift anywhere in the United States. For more information click on the Gift Card Link.

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16 oz Relaxing Lavender


8 oz Apple Cookie Gel Candle


8 oz Electric Gel Candle



8 oz Lice Shampoo

42 oz Pumpkin Gel Candle


Mountain Scents Bath and Body