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Lice Overview

Next to the common cold, lice are the most common communicable diseases among children. The first indication of head lice is when a child persistently scratches or itches the scalp, especially behind the ears and at the base of the neck. If your child does have lice, be sure to check everyone at home who’s had contact with him or her. Lice usually spread from head to head by physical contact like sharing brushes, hats, and other things that touch someone else’s hair. Wearing gloves can help prevent the spread of the lice. Throw away brushes and combs or soak them in hot water and lice shampoo for about an hour. Make sure to wash all linens and vacuum affected areas. Lice can live about two days without a human head, so take precautions to clean your environment as well as treat the child’s hair. Check to make sure the eggs and lice are gone before discontinuing treatment.


Cleaning the House

If a family member has lice it’s time for spring-cleaning. Everything in your house MUST be cleaned. Clothing, bedding or cloth toys can be disinfected by machine washing or drying (using hot cycles) to kill lice and eggs. Vacuum thoroughly: pillows, furniture, rugs and articles not easily washed. Dry cleaning of some articles can be very expensive and difficult, such as dolls, toys, teddy bears and other unwashable items. Therefore, sealing such articles in a plastic bag for two weeks at room temperature is effective in killing nits and lice. Wash hard surfaces with soap and water, such as: tables, chairs, etc. Clean and keep cleaning as you can rid yourself and your family from these unwanted creatures.


Nit Removal

Nit removal is very tedious. It is important to try to remove all of the nits. This is one of the most important thing to do is an infestation. I recommend combing at least two times a day and continuing this until you do see any more nits. It is important to check all family members for head lice and nits frequently for at least two weeks. Use a fine comb starting at the root of the hair and combing small sections at a time.

Lice and Nit Wash

Use the wash to kill adult lice and eggs. It will also help loosen the eggs cement on the hair, so you can comb out eggs.


Lice Prevention Shampoo

Use the lice prevention shampoo once a week to help prevent your loved one from contraction lice. Having an infestation is not only embarrassing, but also very expensive. One out break can cost a lot of money, especially if you figure the cost of cleaning the house, having your child stay home from school. I have used this shampoo for two years and we have been lice free.